Kareen Ng

Fem + Hom

Kimi & Co

Fem + Hom is all about redefining what a bride looks like. This women’s bridal wear line is inspired by gender as a concept and exploring how masculine and feminine styles can merge in formalwear. It has always been a dream of Kareen’s to design gowns but it was important for her to challenge herself in exploring beyond the feminine styles she loves and are accustomed to. This collection draws visual inspiration from cityscapes and skyscrapers. Kareen likes to think cityscapes are a great reflection of cities’ cultural, past and present values similar to how a bridal gown should be a reflection of the wearer’s. Blending older styles with modern looks has always been something she tries to incorporate into her work.

Closing Statement

I initially came into my program believing I was only capable of becoming a traditional artist or artisan. I only knew physical and traditional art mediums and techniques (sewing, painting, drawing), I thought digital mediums simply wasn’t for me. They were too finicky to understand, too many options and I simply wasn’t with the times. Now I leave this program with the opposite mindset, in fact, it actually took learning all about the fashion industry for me to realize I don’t want to be a fashion designer. This program has taught me programs like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Gerber Pattern Design, CLO. So while you will not be seeing me produce my own line of garments, I’m confident to know i have potential to work in the form of graphic design, technical design or even event planning.

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