Metamorphosis visually and literally pulls from the concept of an evolution and this cycle within the life of a butterfly, harkening back to the bounty of earth’s holocene as a reimagined and digitally enhanced Garden of Eden.

For Mass Exodus 2022, we seek to look back on the natural forms that help build and maintain the ecosystem, while keeping in mind that our current world is evolving faster than ever before. The show is directly inspired by the symbolism of the butterfly with its colour palette taken from the fascinating intricacy of their wings.

A model poses in side profile with butterflies in her hair and on her hand
A model poses with her arms behind her head


All connect to themes around coming into one’s own, a natural rebirth, and navigating through the curving ins-and-outs of this new world after the butterfly’s time spent in its chrysalis stage.

Our show also aims to rekindle a sense of unity within our fashion community through the principles of decolonization, encouraging optimism, and sustainability.

Colour Story

Our colour palette represents the nature & technology aspects of Metamorphosis.