Kim Borel Bouffo Tchamou

Fatalie Resurgence Collection


My collection is centered around women returning to the work force. The Covid-19 pandemic brought a long many tragedies. One of them being job security. Due to the pandemic, predominately women temporarily resigned from their jobs to fulfill the traditional “stay at home” mom role. With kids completing school remotely, women took on the jobs of re-establishing a safe haven for the family. However, with the innovation of vaccines and the re-opening of offices, schools and public buildings, it’s time for women to re-assert themselves in the work environment. The aim of this Fatalie collection is to aid women in their resurgence into the workforce. The intent is to provide women garments that exude confidence, strength and characteristics that overall pertain to the femme fatale. All garments have a heavy emphasis on clean evening-wear finishes and foundations to provide the wearer an incredible exterior appearance. The silhouettes exemplify a compilation of day and evening wear. The purpose is to create garments that can be worn during the day at work and transition into the evening for a casual event.

Closing Statement

The Ryerson fashion design program has provided me the technical skills to explore the limitless creative possibilities of fashion. Every year, I was able to improve by seeking the guidance and feedback of my professors. As well as, taking the risks of realizing design concepts that I would have never imagined to work. Coming into this program, I was comfortable remaining in my comfort zone. However, as time progressed, I’ve learned that not only does the comfort zone get boring but it does not contribute to the future of fashion. As graduating fashion designers, we have an undeclared responsibility to continue contributing and establishing the future of fashion design.

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