Tamia Campbell



CYBERURAL is a Capstone project that explores how natural and artificial themes impact physical bodies, self identity, and virtual reality. The project draws from mundane examples within nature, human life, art, and expression such as body modification, tattoo’s, hair, and nail designs. The project alternates between digital and analog methods of construction and design. With examples such as screen printing vs. digital printing, draping vs. computer aided pattern drafting and virtual garments and environments vs their physical alternatives. The project’s culmination consists of 5 – 6 outfits focused on textile design/wearable art and a virtual display where the garments are set in a virtual world.

Closing Statement

My time at X-University was truly a metamorphosis. I came into the program with a strong background in illustration and I let my known talents shape the way I chose to design. With the many teachings from my classes and the strong guidance of my professors I was able to elevate my creative processes with the technical backgrounds of construction and sewing provided. Many of my creations focus on the themes of self actualization, gender, freedom and identity. Through the years my approach to design evolved into looking at fashion as a means of transportation, to look at it as a vehicle that can take you virtually anywhere you can imagine yourself to be. My focus is geared towards unique subversive designs with daring shapes and silhouettes and fine attention to textile manipulation and print design. When I create with these concepts in mind nothing feels artistically impossible.

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